We are a team of highly qualified forensic IT specialists. We help our clients investigate crime and prevent crime. Our job is to make our clients’ businesses secure, to help them identify the culprits of cyber crime and prepare and present compelling evidence in court.

Forensic IT was started in 2013 by David Caldwell who has been a forensic IT practitioner for 20 years, with experience ranging from law enforcement where he was the Officer in Charge of the Victoria Police Computer Crime Squad to the corporate sector. Our experienced practitioners provide a comprehensive suite of digital forensic services at reasonable, cost-effective rates. We work with business, lawyers, investigators and government agencies. In many cases, the forensic evidence we uncover is the cornerstone of a successful outcome.


The Forensic IT team has unrivalled proficiency in the world of digital forensics.

Our experience has taught us that there is no single technique for detecting cyber crime and no one-size-fits-all approach to preventing it.

Together, we have developed a vast toolkit of forensic analysis techniques. Our exhaustive investigative approach is underpinned by a commitment to thorough understanding of theunderlying technology of modern software and IT devices.

This means we know where to look for evidence of changes to computer operating systems, where to seek tell-tale forensic artefacts that let us know someone has illegally infiltrated your network or accessed your valuable intellectual property.

We understand the potentially devastating effect cybercrime can have on a business or its reputation and we bring to the table the most effective methods for minimising the impact and reducing the risk of future attacks.


The Forensic IT team works with businesses, lawyers, investigators and government agencies to help wherever we can – whether it is through the identification of electronic evidence to support an investigation or through the production of clear and concise analysis for business or Court.

As one of the largest independent forensic IT service providers in Australia, we believe these services shouldn’t cost the earth. It is our commitment to deliver the highest quality service at reasonable rates.

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