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Business Solvency & Administration

One of the applications of Forensic IT is the capture of “books and records” when an Administrator or Liquidator is appointed over a distressed company. 

While in the past the description of “books and records” literally referred to hard documents, the term now mostly relates to electronically stored information such as accounting systems, email and documents stored on business networks or hosted (cloud) service providers.

Forensic IT is frequently engaged to capture relevant electronically stored information for business administrations.  Many such engagements require the information to be collected without disruption to the business or the staff of the Administrator/Liquidator who are doing their best to quickly gain an understanding of the state of the business, often while still trading the business as they searched for a commercial solution.  For the majority of these engagements, we work in the background and use our network acquisition software to obtain a copy of the relevant data without the need to shut down computers or servers or delay either the business or the Administrator.


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