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Theft of Intellectual Property

During the course of 2015-16 we have seen evidence that departing employees continue to take confidential business information as they move to a new employer or set-up as a competitor. 

This is a common matter for us, and often involves employees emailing documents to personal email addresses, copying data to removable media or accessing data from Cloud accounts such as Dropbox.

One business engaged us to defend it against the actions of an employee that had come from a competitor business and, unbeknown to the new employer, had sent intellectual property from his previous employer to his new business email address.  Once the previous employer established that its IP had been taken it commenced litigation against the employee which threatened to overflow onto the new employer.  Our role was to identify what had been sent into the business, if it had been distributed inside the business and sanitise it from the business systems (including backups), making it unaccessible. 

Often the "departing employee" scenario can involve concerns that material has been deleted preventing the employer using it once the employee has gone. Our analysis in such circumstances includes recovery of deleted information and analysis of an employee's access to material.


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