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Don’t be taken to the CCleaners!

This week we came across a statement from the owner of CCleaner (Piriform) admitting a recent version of the software had unknowingly been released loaded with malware with the potential to create a dangerous security breach.

It seems that version 5.33 of the application was 'illegally modified' before it was released to the public and loaded with malware that resulted in a 'two-stage backdoor', opening up the computer systems of victims to illegal access by criminals.  

We normally see this application used by people wanting to delete evidence of their activity or sensitive personal information. 

The compromised version was available from the official website until 12 September 2017 and is said to have been downloaded onto 2.7 million machines.   This is a significant security compromise and could lead to systems being manipulated and information or funds stolen.

If you have downloaded CCleaner at any time over the past six months, you should check and upgrade to the latest version to be comfortable that it no longer poses a security threat.

If you find you had the compromised version installed we recommend having the security of your system tested.

If you have any questions or need any assistance with IT security feel free to call us or send an email.


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