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Have you been “pwned”?

Many of the online security breaches we have investigated over the last 12 months raise doubts about the integrity of the username and password used to secure access to an email account or remote access portal.

As a part of our standard investigation, we look at the "Have I Been Pwned" website. For those that don’t know, to be “pwned” means to be “owned”, defeated or dominated.  This website is a great free tool to see if there is any record of your username or business domain being caught up in an online security breach, such as the compromises that recently affected Linked In and Adobe.

Security breaches can be costly. Remember the data breaches that affected Yahoo? They impacted 3.5 billion users, forcing Yahoo to fork out a $50 million settlement and reducing Yahoo’s June 2017 sale price by $350 million.  Earlier this month, the Have I Been Pwned website reported that 773 million email addresses and their associated passwords were being distributed on a popular hacking forum. That is reason for concern.

I recommend everyone goes to and insert their email address to see if there is any record of their email address or other online information being exposed through a security breach.   If your email address comes up as having been compromised, you need to take urgent action to secure your account.  If it comes up as negative, suggesting it has not been compromised, remain vigilant and do all you can to ensure your online security.

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance with IT security feel free to call us or send an email.


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