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'New Age' Anti Virus Software

Recently, the Forensic IT team was called out to assist two businesses that were the victims of fraudulent transactions totalling several million dollars.

Through our investigations we uncovered evidence that the computer networks of these companies had been compromised through malware which compromised their financial systems and allowed fraudulent transactions.

While each business had AV (anti virus) software in place, the malware – which we believe originated through phishing emails – was able to avoid detection.

If 'New Age' AV had been deployed in either business, the malware would have been detected, the fraudulent behaviour would have been stopped and neither fraud would have succeeded. 

'New Age' describes the transition of AV software from simply matching known AV threat signatures to monitoring the behaviour taking place on a computer and identifying questionable activity.  

Previously, if a virus or malware managed to find its way past a business's defence perimeter,  there was no way to monitor hostile behaviour within the system. 

New Age AV acts as a digital guardian, watching for behaviour launched by malware. It recognises hostile behaviour, shuts it down and notifies system administrators. 

If you're not sure about your business AV solutions, call Forensic IT and we can drop by for a coffee and chat. 


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